Enjoy this delishious, intensley hydrating summer floral hand and body butter. Its sharp, zesty plant scent just ooozes ideas of lying in a summer meadow surrounded by the wilds blooming in those heat filled days.


Ylang ylang is an instand mood booster and is said to promote the healing of wounds and reduce the apperance of scars. Ylang ylang essential oil is also known to be an incredible insect repellent ...perfect for the summer months.


also contains:

Zinc Oxide:

*protects the skin from sun damage and sunburn

*Has anti aging properties and improves the apperance of broken skin damage.

*Helps to heal rashes, irritations or abbrations due to its anticeptic benifits.

*natural SPF


*Direction: gently massage a small amount onto the skin and allow to absorb.


*120ml glass jar with alumium lid.


Ylang ylang hand and body butter