Well here it is ma good friends the new non greasy light face cream has arrived. It is still packed full of the same active ingredients that help smooth and restore skin types which suffer with acne, spots or oliy skin and heres why...


Tea tree:

*anti bacterial, antiviral and antifungle. enough said! no, ok i will go on. These properties kill any bacterial that is growing in your cloged pores which reduces the redness and its continued use means that it is a great preventative for further breakouts.


Grapeseed oil:

* In science like kills like so for oily skin you would actually use another oil solve the problem and grapeseed oil has the ability to balance out skins natual ph levels, hence balancing out the over production of sebum in skins cells...which leads to oily skin.


*Directions: Apply to face and neck and allow to absorb.


*50ml blue glass jar with black scew cap lid.

Tea tree & grapeseed light face cream