Perfect for dandruff and dry, irritated, itchy scalps.


Tea tree:

*Contains super antimicrobial properties that kill off conditions such as dermatitis on the scalp which cause skin damage and infection and allows hair to breathe.



*Is a super antiseptic and a great preventative for hair lice and bugs.

*the menthol properties cool the scalp and also helps to eliminate dandruff.

*adds healthy shine to the hair.


Olive oil:

*strengthens hairs and and repairs any damage form root to tip.


Aragon oil:

*packed with vitamin E and anitoxidents to nourish and re boost hair growth.



*Apply to wet hair and lather the shampoo bar and massage all over the scalp for one minute and rinse off.


*aproxx 100g wrapped in wax paper. 

Peppermint & tea tree shampoo bar