Introducing the calming lavender bathing set to help you drift off tae a peaceful nights rest. The gift set includes


100g bar Lavender & wild rose scrub and moisture bar gently exfoliates dead skin cells to allow the new cells underneath to shine through. It also contains sheabutter which is packed full of fatty acids and added moisture for a raw natural glow - whist the rose is perfect for sensitive skin types and realses a soft light scent.


100g Lavender epsom & himalayian salt mix - The salt mix contains over 80 minerals containing calcium, magnesuim, sulfur, potassium which draws out toxins from the pours and can also ease sore muscles and joints.


15 ml Lavender bath oil - Sweet almond base oil is know to purge the skin of toxins and is the king of nut oils. I contains vitamin E & A which helps reduce the appearnce of any scarring tissue including stretch marks and acne and for evening out blemished skin tones. The is incredibly mild on the skin and with the use of lavender essential oil it also contains anti-inflamatory and anti bacterial properties- as well as making you feel relaxed and at peace.



Mini bath time gift set