The sweet, fresh, zingy burst of lemonbalm is cooling and uplifting to the skin and is great for targeting angry, inflamed acne prone skin...and as always deeply moisturising due to the coconut oil base.



*relaxes blood vessals

*antiviral which cleans the built up toxins and dirt lying n pores which lead to irritations such as acne and cold sores.

*member of the mint family which cools and calms redness or inflammation in the skin cells.


coconut oil:

*contains a high level of healthy fats including lauric acid.

*Packed with essential vitamin E

*antifungal and leaves skin soft and hydrated.


also contains:

Zinc Oxide:*protects the skin from sun damage and sunburn*Has anti aging properties and improves the apperance of broken skin damage.*Helps to heal rashes, irritations or abbrations due to its anticeptic benifits.*natural SPF*Direction: gently massage a small amount onto the skin and allow to absorb.


*120ml glass jar with alumium lid.





Lemonbalm citrus hand& body butter