Welcome, welcome to my fresh new antibacterial, plant based deodorant. It has indded been a long time coming but finally arrived bringing with it essential oils, hydrating grapefruit and coconut oil. This blend is perfect for your sensitive areas.


Tea tree: Anti-fungal and kills bacteria and yeast which lead to body odors.


Lavender: one of natures most ancient anti-septic oil and is a great prevention for  bacterial infection in the under arm area.


Arrowroot powder: First in its league to absord any extra moisture or sweat leaving you feeling drier.


coconut oil: antiinflammatory and also breaks down any bacteria built up in the pores whilst also naturally hydrating the sensitive underarm area.



70ml - Comes in a biodegradable cardboard tube which you push up from the bottom then apply to your underarms and allow to absorb.


Lavender & tea tree Deodorant