A deeply hydrating body butter made with shea butter and nourishing coffee oil using Argyll Roasters coffee beans. Glides onto the skin and melts instantly for softer skin.


Coffee benifits:

coffee increases blood circulation which reduces puffiness

* tightens pores which refines wrinkles and fine lines

*caffeic acid is an atioxident that has been known to boost collegen levels and     reduce the premature agining of skin cells.



*packed full of vitamins including B, B1,E which as great for feeding your skin of vital nutrients.

*Contains antiinflamitary properties which helps aids skin conditions such as eczema and sensitive, dry skin.


Zinc Oxide:

*protects the skin from sun damage and sunburn

*Has anti aging properties and improves the healing of any skin damage.

*Helps to heal rashes, irritations or abbrations due to its anticeptic benifits.

*natural SPF



Apply to skin and allow to absorb.


*120ml glass pot.

Coffee & Walnut body butter