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Luxurious melt on the skin face cream is idea for skin type that may suffer with rosacea, eczema, itchy or dry skin and heres why...


Rosehip oil:

*Due to high antioxident levels and vitamin C rosehip oil speeds up skins healing time and targets red inflamed skin to sooth and calm the cells. 


Aloe vera:

*the malic acid in aloe vera helps improve the moisture levels and reduces dry,itchy skin as skin has more elasticity and hydration in the skin cells.



*antiseptic and anti-inflamitory which is crucial in calming red inflammed skin.

*unblocks pores allowing skin to breathe which also reduces redness from the build up of dirt in the pores causing the skin to become inflamed.

*hypoallergenic which reduces any skin irritants by neutarlising free radicals that sensitive skin can react to.


Zinc Oxide:

*protects the skin from sun damage and sunburn

*Has anti aging properties and improves the healing of any skin damage.

*Helps to heal rashes, irritations or abbrations due to its anticeptic benifits.

*natural SPF



*Apply a pea size amount onto your face a massage face and neck for one minute.

*keep out of direct heat and sun as the cream is shea butter based.


*60ml glass jar.




Chamomile & rosehip face cream